Medical Attention Following a Brunswick County DUI

Following a DUI, the driver may be able to seek medical care if they believe they need it.  Anytime that a person feels like they need medical attention, they can ask for it and they will receive it. Also, if it is determined by law enforcement or rescue personnel that the individual needs medical attention, then they will receive it as well. Seeking medical attention often comes up following an automobile accident.

If you have any questions about medical attention following a Brunswick County DUI, reach out to an accomplished DUI attorney.

How the Police Determines if a Person Needs Medical Attention

In a DUI situation, a police officer will rely on their observations and any statements from anyone who states that they think they need medical attention. If the officer believes that the person does need to get medical care, they will allow them to do so. That being said, medical attention will not interfere with the police’s investigation.

Why it is Important for a Lawyer to Know if a Person Did Not Receive Medical Care

When a person has received medical attention following a Brunswick County DUI, they should inform their attorney about it. Depending on the reason for requiring medical attention, that could influence the accuracy of the investigation of the case, not to mention a possible effect on any blood alcohol measurements taken by law enforcement. There is a multitude of possible issues that come to mind when medical care is either administered or not administered when it should be.

It is possible that the failure to provide medical attention has a material effect on the reliability of any chemical analysis of the driver. An attorney will expect that someone who has not received medical attention will not be able to perform field sobriety tests in a reliable and accurate way.

Pros and Cons of Seeking Medical Care Following a DUI

If a person is injured and not feeling well, they should seek medical attention. Their health is the most important issue in a case. It is possible that, when receiving medical attention, there will be blood analysis done through that process. However, law enforcement tends to pursue their own chemical analysis of a driver in a case. That being said, it is critical that the driver seeks the help that they need.

Call a Brunswick County Lawyer About Medical Attention After a DUI

A DUI is a very serious charge, and just because someone received medical attention does not mean that they will not be prosecuted for the DUI charge. Due to the serious consequences a DUI carries, they should contact an accomplished lawyer as soon as possible and they should provide all relevant information to that attorney, including whether they receive medical attention.

For more information about medical attention following a Brunswick County DUI and how an attorney could help you, call a well-versed legal professional. A seasoned lawyer could fight for you, build a strong defense, and stand by your side throughout the legal process. Call today and set up a consultation.