Brunswick County DUI Lawyer

Driving under the influence, or DUI, is one of the most common causes of criminal arrests in Brunswick County. A conviction has significant consequences with the potential for jail time or fines, the suspension of driving privileges, difficulty obtaining housing, and challenges with maintaining employment. However, with the help of the right defense counsel, you could prevail at trial and potentially avoid a conviction on your criminal record. A Brunswick County DUI lawyer could apply their experience handling cases to build the best possible defense for you. Get in touch with a seasoned criminal attorney today.

DUI Laws in Brunswick County

Every state and commonwealth in the country has adopted some form of a prohibition against driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. According to state law, a person could face a conviction for DUI if they operated a vehicle with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .08% or higher. The BAC is a test of the concentration of alcohol in the blood. Typically, the higher the BAC, the more impaired a driver is understood to be.

A driver’s BAC is not the only ground the state will use to secure a DUI conviction, however. They could also face a conviction if the arresting officer determines they are impaired by drugs, alcohol, or a combination of both. Because of this source of evidence, the prosecution can obtain a conviction for DUI without a chemical test definitively proving intoxication.

The prospective penalties for a conviction depend on a driver’s criminal past and a few other potentially aggravating factors. Prior convictions will lead to far more significant consequences compared to a first-time offender. In most cases, a first offense might result in jail time. However, the possibility of facing a jail sentence increases if a plaintiff could increase if their BAC reading was .15% or higher.

The sentences go up significantly after a first offense, with further convictions potentially leading to serious prison time. While the potential for a DUI conviction may seem overwhelming, a skilled lawyer could help fight back against these charges in Brunswick County.

Defending a DUI Case

A dedicated attorney could provide Brunswick County defendants with the knowledge of the local courts and state laws that will impact their DUI case. A deep understanding of the judge and commonwealth’s attorney involved in a case could go a long way towards preparing the strongest defense possible.

Unfortunately, many people accused of DUI are victims of an illegal search or seizure during the course of their arrest. A local attorney could review the police report and other evidence to determine if the driver’s rights were violated. If they determine that to be the case, they could seek to have any evidence collected by law enforcement suppressed, preventing its use at trial.

Talk with a Brunswick County DUI Attorney

If you are facing DUI charges, a Brunswick County DUI lawyer could provide you with an important advantage compared to a public defender. A private defense attorney rarely has the overwhelming caseload of a public defender, meaning they could dedicate more time to your case. To speak with our team, schedule your initial consultation today.