Mecklenburg County Parole Violations Lawyer

Parole is an alternative to incarceration in prison that allows individuals who have been convicted of criminal offenses to serve part of their time in their communities under the supervision of parole officers. When the Virginia Parole Board allowed your release on parole, you became subject to many rules and conditions.

Since violating those rules can result in your return to prison and other sanctions, contacting a Mecklenburg County parole violations lawyer when your parole officer accuses you of a parole violation may be essential to safeguard your freedom.

Not only do you risk going back to prison due to parole violations, but you also risk a more prolonged and harsher sentence than you had before being placed on parole, especially if you are charged with committing a new crime. When you newly return home from prison, you may find it difficult to navigate society and do everything that you are supposed to do.

A single mistake can result in severe consequences, so consulting a seasoned criminal defense attorney when you are charged with a parole violation can be crucial.

Common Parole Violations

Individuals whom the Virginia Parole Board places on parole are subject to various restrictions and rules. These conditions often include the following provisions, among others:

  • Regular meetings with a parole officer
  • Completing mandatory community service hours
  • Participation in alcohol or drug education or counseling programs
  • Approval by a parole officer before changing jobs or residences

Other common conditions of parole may require individuals to pay court-ordered restitution to victims of their criminal offenses, pay child support, and maintain full-time employment. Parolees are likely to subject to random drug and alcohol testing, as well.

Violations of these conditions can range from purely technical violations to severe breaches in parole. While parole officers can file parole violations against individuals who repeatedly fail to show up for meetings with them on time, they also can file parole violations if individuals commit a new crime while on parole. Since the outcome of a parole violation can be quite harsh, individuals in this situation may wish to contact a parole violations lawyer in Mecklenburg County for legal advice and guidance.

Parole Violation Proceedings

When parole officers allege that a parole violation has occurred, they notify the Virginia Parole Board, which schedules a hearing. During these hearings, individuals who are facing accusations of parole violations have the right to representation by a parole violations attorney in Mecklenburg County.

With the help of legal counsel, individuals can present evidence and witnesses supporting their defense to the allegations of parole violations.

The outcome of parole violations hearings can vary. If individuals can prove that they did not violate the terms of their parole, they can return to the community on parole supervision. If the Parole Board determines that a violation has occurred, however, then it can revoke parole and return the individuals to prison.

Nonetheless, in some cases, especially where there has been only a technical violation, the Parole Board may agree to allow the individuals to resume parole supervision.

Individuals sometimes can make the case that they made a mistake in violating their parole that they will not repeat in the future and convince the Board to allow them to remain on parole. In this situation, the individuals may be subject to new or different conditions of parole.

Let a Mecklenburg County Parole Violations Attorney Assist You

The laws and procedures that govern parole violation proceedings are not the same as those that apply to criminal court proceedings. As a result, if you or a loved one is facing accusations of having violated parole, you may benefit from consulting with a Mecklenburg County parole violations lawyer.

Attaining legal representation may make it easier for you to plead your case before the Parole Board adequately.

Getting legal advice may enable you to thoroughly examine the various options that may be available to you before making significant decisions about your case. By being wholly informed, you may be able to place yourself in the best position possible to overcome the accusations against you. For positive results in your case, you may wish to seek legal advice and guidance.