Brunswick County DUI While on Probation Lawyer

A DUI charge while on probation for a prior criminal offense could lead to severe penalties. An individual could face additional consequences for getting a new charge when they were on probation. They could face more consequences from the original charge in addition to consequences for the new DUI.

An experienced Brunswick County DUI while on probation lawyer could advocate for you if you are facing charges. Let a skilled DUI attorney fight for you.

Typical Conditions of Probation

Typical conditions of probation include regular alcohol and drug screenings, as well as maintaining good behavior and avoiding any possible future criminal offenses. They can also include regular meetings with a probation officer and may include substance abuse education and treatment.

Getting a DUI qualifies as a violation of probation because it is a new criminal charge when an individual is on their probation period. It is a standard offense that any future criminal activity is a violation of the existing probation.

Subsequent DUI Charges While on Probation

Courts can be particularly unforgiving for people who make the same mistakes twice. If someone is on probation for DUI and they get another DUI, that communicates that the original punishment and consequences were not severe enough to get their attention. They could face much more severe consequences for their subsequent DUI charge.

Anytime a person defends a DUI, that can be challenging. Defending a DUI while on probation for another DUI carries the risk of potentially tainting the case if the court is aware of the previous DUI when deciding whether the individual is guilty of the pending charge. It can be harder to work with prosecutors to get a fair outcome if the punishment for the first DUI was not sufficient to prevent an arrest for the subsequent DUI.

DUI While on Probation Penalties

The penalties associated with getting a DUI while on probation depend on the nature of the probation. If someone is on felony probation, they face the revocation of the potential total of their suspended time from the felony offense. If the person is on misdemeanor probation, they face up to 12 months of their time being revoked in addition to the possible one year in jail that they face for the DUI. An individual facing these penalties should contact a DUI while on probation lawyer in Brunswick County right away.

What Happens if the Defendant is Acquitted in the DUI Case?

If someone is acquitted in the DUI case, the question of probation depends on the terms of their original probation. The person often returns to probation for the underlying charge without facing any additional consequences for the charge they were acquitted of. For more information, consult with a knowledgeable lawyer.

Call a Brunswick County DUI While On Probation Attorney

A DUI on probation is always a serious matter because it means the individual faces consequences for two charges: the potential probation violation and the potential DUI. Therefore, if you are facing charges, you should get in touch with a Brunswick County DUI while on probation lawyer today. Let an accomplished attorney stand by your side throughout the legal process.