Pretrial Release and Bond for DUI Arrests in Brunswick County

Bond is the amount that must be put forward to secure an individual’s release. Bond is not necessarily posted in every case and some people are released with an unsecured bond, which just means that they do not have to post anything. A secured bond means that a bondsman must get involved or friends or family must post personal property or real estate in order to secure the release of the defendant.

The bond amount is initially determined by a magistrate who will decide, based on criminal history and where somebody lives or other risk factors, whether a bond will be set and, if so, at what amount. Later, a judge might review that decision and set a different bond.

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Posting Bond in Brunswick County

A bond can be posted through cash, personal property, or real estate that is delivered to the magistrate in Brunswick County. It can also be posted through the services of a bondsman. Most bondsmen will accept ten percent of the total bond set. An individual can make arrangements to meet them at the jail and try to contact them through which they will post bond for their loved one.

A person should know that when they post a bond for someone else, they are liable for that bond and that amount is meant to secure the appearance of the defendant in court on future trial dates. If that person fails to appear, then the bond could be forfeited to the court, which might make them either liable directly to the court or through the bondsman if they used one.

What is Pretrial Release?

Pretrial release is the means by which and conditions for which someone is released prior to trial. It means they can remain at liberty before trial. Sometimes, there are specific conditions set, such as remaining drug and alcohol-free. If conditions have been set, which could include meeting with the probation officers as well, and if they fail to comply with those provisions, that will lead to their bond being revoked and they will likely be held without bond until trial.

If they do not comply with the specific conditions of pretrial release, they are likely to have their bond revoked and will likely be held without bond prior to trial.

Documentation Received After Being Released From Jail

Usually, the defendant will receive documentation that outlines any terms of pretrial release, including whether or not they are being supervised by pretrial services. Also, this documentation will include any curfew information or any other limitations, such as whether or not to refrain from drug and alcohol use. They also will be given information and documents for their next court appearances so that they can be sure to appear in court or else face a failure to appear warrant.

Call a Brunswick County Attorney About Pretrial Release and Bond for DUI Arrests

An experienced DUI lawyer is going to be familiar with successful defenses and information relevant to the case that can help them achieve the fairest result in their circumstances. A local attorney is also going to be familiar with the local prosecutors and law enforcement as well as courthouse personnel. The sooner a defendant hires an attorney, the better prepared their attorney can be and the sooner they are able to provide facts to the attorney so they can start preparing a successful defense for them.

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