DUI Jail in Brunswick County

Following a DUI arrest, the individual is likely to be taken to the Meherrin River Regional Jail in Alberta, Virginia. This is where the police will book the person to spend time until they are either bonded out or until they are released after demonstrating their sobriety. The jail in Brunswick County is relatively new and not as crowded as many other jails.

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What is Central Booking?

Central booking is sometimes called intake. It is the place where someone is first admitted into the jail. Under some circumstances, the arrested individual is only going to be there for a short period of time. They will hold them in central booking or intake rather than releasing them into the general population and giving them a designated cell.

Central booking is a secure area, but it is not a long-term space. They are unlikely to have a private cell or an assigned cellmate, and it is more limited. Typically, they are also only in that area with people who are also there for a brief time as opposed to inmates who might be serving a sentence.

What to Expect After Being Booked for a DUI

If someone is booked and is told that they can be released after demonstrating sobriety, they will spend a few hours in jail. The police will probably ask the individual to blow into a breathalyzer device, and after a few hours, once they blow a 0.02, they tend to release them.

Under some circumstances, the magistrate might allow them to be released into the custody of someone else who is sober, and under other circumstances, they might be held without bond. If so, they will be held in jail until their attorney is able to schedule a bond hearing for them.

Medical Resources Available for DUI Jail in Brunswick County

Medical personnel is on-staff at DUI jail in Brunswick County. They are going to have nurses at the jail who can see the individual and they have doctors who can come to the jail as needed. If the individual has prescriptions and is going to be at the jail for more than a few hours, they should make sure that a family member brings those prescriptions to the jail pursuant to the jail policies.

If they need to be seen by a doctor, they should alert law enforcement or jail personnel as soon as possible. If it is an emergency, they can take them to a hospital. If they are just ill and need a doctor to check them out, it might be a day or so before the doctor is available.

Jail-Related DUI Penalties

Most DUIs are misdemeanors and they carry the possible sentence of up to 12 months in jail. However, for a misdemeanor DUI in which an individual can be held there for 12 months, they will get credit for good time and would only have to serve six months. That is an exceedingly rare sentence for a DUI case.

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