DUI Arrest Records in Brunswick County

DUI arrest records in Brunswick County are public information. However, just because they are public does not mean that they are revealed to the public. Under most circumstances, most arrests are not revealed beyond existing in the public records at the courthouse.

If you have been arrested for a DUI, you should reach out to an experienced DUI lawyer. An attorney could advocate for you and protect your rights.

Social Stigma Surrounding Public DUI Arrests

The courthouse files will have documentation of arrest records as well as the local jail. There are websites where that public information can be obtained, but almost always only if they are searching for a specific individual and they already have that information.

There are some circumstances in which arrest records are publicized through publications like Crime Stoppers. Consequences for an arrest record tend to be a social stigma or possible employment consequences, depending on the terms of the person’s employment.

A person with a DUI arrest record in Brunswick County could lose their job or face a suspension from their employer. Also, an individual’s personal life could be impacted due to a DUI.

Are Mug Shots Available to the Public in Brunswick County?

Mug shots are not available through typical public methods in Brunswick County. In rare circumstances, someone’s mug shot might be available through a publication like Crime Stoppers, but that is not a common practice in Brunswick County.

Seeking an Expungement

Record sealing means there is still a record that is sealed and that only people who have the authority or who have been granted authority by the court could inspect that record or the contents of that record. Expungement means that the record itself is deleted and there is no record of the arrest or the charge.

If, after being arrested, someone is found not guilty of their offense or the prosecution decides not to go forward with the case, it is possible to pursue expungement. If they are successful in their expungement petition, then their arrest record will be deleted. A dedicated attorney could help an individual with seeking an expungement.

Does the Public Record Remain Following an Acquittal?

If a person has been arrested and acquitted and no other actions have been taken, then their arrest record remains public and available to anyone who is looking for it. If they successfully petition the court to have that record expunged, then there will be no record of their arrest.

For more information about DUI arrest records in Brunswick County and how an attorney could help you, call today. A seasoned defense lawyer could help you understand your rights and stand by your side throughout the legal process. A DUI arrest carries significant consequences and it could mean long-term repercussions. Fortunately, our team of attorneys are experienced with building strong defenses for defendants in a DUI case. A skilled lawyer could fight to get your charges dropped or mitigated. Reach out to a well-versed legal professional today and get started with your case.